Nancy Klepsch

Home from the War

Softly I am already there
We have come back from this latest war ragged
Dirt & rocks ground deeply into our knees
I am barley ready to be planted
I am harvest
Lie down here in this green green field
Plant yourself
You do not have to be strong
Tell me your hurts & I will tell you mine
I know them as friends
We can walk this planet together
My sister
I lost my mother too
We all do eventually
We learn to be the next one waiting
In line not realizing that every night when
We fall sleep we know what it is like

When you see me dancing
Don’t tell me to stop get my pack & go home
Softly I am already there
Pray for good & this wild wild river now
Pray for clean air kiss that sunset 1,000 different ways
May we walk this planet together again hand in hand
May we talk the way old women do when they
Stop being soldiers lovers & healers but instead
Are just lonely softly looking for sweet company
& a cuppa hot tea
Softly I am already there