Alan Catlin

Remembering working

in a bar on 9-11:
nine and half hours
of the televised end
of civilization
as we knew it:
nine large screens,
always the same……
Listening to random
stories: my twin brother
works there…..
My sister was stuck in
traffic otherwise….
My cousin is still on
the 88 th floor…..
And on television:
my father, brother,
first cousin like a brother
is a fireman, policeman….
My mom lives
Scheduled back room
political event
Still the phone rings,
a young man asks,
“Is that free beer
and chicken wing
democratic thing
still on?”
And, I say,
“Someone took out
the World Trade Center,
Thousands of people died,
the world might end
tomorrow, and you’re
worried about free
beer and chicken wings.
Get a life.”
I often wonder
what that guy
is doing with that
life now.