Kudzaishe Muvirimi (Théo)

The Streets

I walk through these cursed streets
just looking for a glimpse of hope
I don’t know where to go or run to
no home to call my own
I want to be rich, I want to be famous
but look at this wheel barrow that I got to walk with to get my loan
kids crying from shoulder to shoulder
I want to leave but that would make me like my father
always full, not because I’m not hungry
but I just got so used to starving, it’s somehow filling me up
they say I’m not a man cause I got no suit on
they say I’m not a man because none of my kids are learning
but I stuck around, isn’t that enough?
I had a dream to be the greatest
I had a desire to be the best
now I’m crying alone in the sheets at night
while my wife scolds me and tells me there’s no dinner plate for me tonight
I’ve always been good
I’ve always been the kindest
the only sin I committed was telling a little white lie
but even Abraham did it and he still made it out alive
am I a demon in a humans body?
is God punishing me for a past life?
am I not enough?
they say favour and opportunity come to us all
I guess I was skipped, maybe I’m not the all they stated
fear never got to me
but unfortune did
maybe I’m just a bad person and this is my punishment
maybe I’m the devil’s incarnate
I don’t know what’s wrong with me
I wish I did so I could fix it
but here we are
I guess I’ll forever be punished
let me go to my home that always seemed to call me
let me go to the place that always drew me to them
let me go to the one place I think I truly belong
let me go to the place I can truly call my home
let me go to the streets