James Cook

several meanings understood yesterday

if I enter you if I stammer, the night the waiting room,
aporia that functions to weave, split, works behind your nerves,
bent strings to pull whispers from your mouth, eyelids, pines,
tall grass ripples, spires radically mantic, point to point
marking doors a slow dilation, emptiness held in high regard,
each singular account cut in the autonomy of the hexagram,
to gather waters, restless, a necklace, jewels, a rosary, morning
moving thru us begins to feel around for a light, unknowing
several meanings understood yesterday : the day itself for
example falls beyond the circuit’s recurrence, opens
into spell, room, word, flesh, poem, rabbit…

or say with me an odd, jumbled prayer,
work-song, charm, few smooth-
worn syllables, until
the beloved is this hammered name,
nub, silent stubble, bare
earth, bloody
wood, tongue throat lips
refuse to sound,
pulverized text forever
straining toward in-