Lorenda Mable

I Am

I am prayers answered (personified), I am energy electrified,
I was scars, ugly, bleeding, raw, now healed and beautified.
I am a beacon of light and hope, an advocate for those who have survived.
I am all of what it looks like when God hasn’t been sick and tired.
I am favor, genuinely,
I am humor after a long day.
I am Mac and Cheese, cocoa butter and grandmas hands wiping tears away,
I am my Aunty’s prayers answered.
I am opportunity,
I am what it looks like when faith is poured into me.
I am the first crack in the concrete
after consistent effort from the flower underneath.
I am the first spread of a butterflies new wings,
I am the first snowfall.
I am the first horn blown, I am Cinderella at the Ball,
I am the first touchdown, I am the first long haul,
I am and I believe
I go the distance, I take risk, Harriet would be proud of me
I am my ancestors in 3D, the highest definition of HD, young, alive and free.
I am blood spilled, that dripped into the dirt, gave life to a seed
and sprouted life that wind loves to play with and leaves love to see
I am prayers heard, delivered
vengeance beseeched
forgiveness unscathed and grace draped in peace
I am one drop in the ocean but in a cup, I’m everything,
I am the first laugh heard, I’m your great grandmothers wedding ring,
sacred, cherish able, alive, non – perishable,
I am tall, blooming strong for the ants to see,
I am whole, of a few,
I am so damn proud of me.