Arianna Culwell

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Another follower to join my millions.
Another like, displaying how much they love my body.
Another share, Another mention
My phone is finally dead.
No more followers
No more likes
No more shares or mentions.
Just me.
I feel peace for the first time in months.
I feel the cold winter air on my skin.
I feel the soft comfort of my blanket.
I hear my heater kicking on and off
I hear my dog barking at the door.
I hear my family downstairs, walking, talking.
And for a second I am at peace.
And then the anxiety kicks in.
A bunch of what ifs flood my head.
Consuming my once comforted mind and controlling my body
Even though the silence felt nice.
I plug in my phone.
And let that world consume me again.