Anointing Obuh

The Audacity of Sacrifice

I remember it as raindrops kissing skin,
Dancing feet confused on asphalt.
Laughter belting around a tattered throat.
Hands intertwined like wishes, a toss around a corner into the emptiness
& then the light. Come, come he said, shoving my hair behind my ear.
Teeth marks across my breasts because
I just want to eat you up.
Legs spread into the passion of youth.
Naked confessions, smoke clouds and hubris.
The certainty of finding love and its accompanying blindness.
The way we just try to dry the tears.
The absence of numb, the fleshing of hate upon a scar.
Bottoms on a car bonnet, legs spread as elbows are
apart from each other. Teething, Teething, Teething.
Uncertainty blooming in a corner of sky
Soft as cloud, down as the fluff
building around my waist & then a child.
When I take the pill, do you join in, again,
When I cry, do you spill also. There is no balance in the world
& in my language the same word means
silence and fetus. How & why?
Like morning, blood is a reminder.
You once said ashes will remain ashes
until they fly. It is the audacity for me.
The echo of an empty room, a waking up to reality
of the absence of flowers, of sorry,
of I did not mean it, thank you for the sacrifice.